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Data Management

We currently support your digital data acquisition process, manage data validation, protection, storage and transport.

Staff Empowerment

We understand that your internal IT operation may not necessarily be brought up-to-date with the most current IT technology; hence we are here for you. We can empower your IT organization by enhancing your team skill set to achieve high standard of IT operations.

Application Operational Management

We know that many organizations are facing the low productivity values due to inefficiencies of IS operation. We can help you alleviate operational and performance challenges within your IT applications environment.

Application Architectural Management

We can review your IT application existing and planned configuration to identify and avoid potential performance challenges.

Did you know?

Data losses are mainly caused by hardware failure (40%), human error (29%), software corruption (13%), with the rests are due to theft, viruses and hardware destruction (OnTrack Data International, 2003). These are issues which need to be investigated and resolved accordingly. We will help you identify the core issues and will advise you on how to overcome them, one client at a time.

Did you know that 24% of Small to Medium Businesses do not back-up their data properly, and 47% of them are experiencing significant data loss?

(AVG Technologies, 2013)

Did you know that 64% of Large Enterprises suffer data loss or downtime?

(EMC Corporation, 2014)


What We Do

We manage digital data. We do server check-ups. We identify and fix issues on IT environments. We promote IT best-practices. We empower IT organization.

Please explore more on our services and products, or let us know for any issues you are having regarding your in-house data management service. There is no company too small or large, we are here to help.

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